Dear Parent,

At this time I’m sure that you have heard many different stories regarding the upcoming hockey season and the future of the Suffolk County High School Hockey League. Let me assure you that the league has been in existence for over 50 years and will continue for another 50 years. Therefore I am writing this letter to invite you and all parents of children that were registered in the league last year and all parents that intend to register their children in the league for 2021-2022.
The meeting will be held to addressing questions and confusions to where the games will be played for the upcoming season.The league as we have for 30 years, will be working in conjunction with THE RINX to provide competitive hockey with the convenience of all of the games being played a local rink, with the best interest of the student athletes first and foremost, that doesn’t require extensive travel to play hockey.The league has always tried to schedule our games to the best of our ability to avoid conflict with the local travel teams, which allows players to play both H.S. and travel hockey.
After hearing all of the options and benefits of having your children play in a league that supports the student athletes, at that time, you will have the CHOICE of choosing where you want your children to play hockey.
I sincerely hope to see all of you at this meeting to finally give you the opportunity and choice of doing what is best for your children.
Thank you !
Charlie Venticinque
President SCHSHL