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  the 2020-2021 “draft” REGISTRATION IS CLOSED
Registration for The 2021-2022 opens July 1st.



What is the difference between the draft and the pool?

The “pool” consists of those players without school teams or those who have been cut from their school team, have registered for the draft and have paid the draft deposit.

The “draft” is when Varsity and JV General Managers pick players from the pool to complete their rosters. Also at the Draft, Freshman teams will be assigned freshmen players from the pool by the league on an as-needed basis.

Depending on the number of players in the pool, there may be an on-ice session for coaches to evaluate players. Players in the pool will be notified if there will be an on-ice session.

Who can enter the draft/pool?

 Any player that does not have a team in his school district may enter the  draft. If there is a team in you school district YOU MUST TRYOUT FOR YOU SCHOOL TEAM. If you are cut by your school team you may enter the  draft/pool with a cut slip from your team’s General Manager. If you do  not attend your local team’s tryout you will not be eligible to enter  the draft/pool.

When is the draft?

The draft is held in early September.  The exact date will be posted in the NEWS section when it becomes available.

How do I enter the draft/pool?

Just fill out the on-line draft form and send in your deposit.

How much is the deposit?

All players in the pool must post a $300 non-refundable* deposit.
Personal or Certified Checks**, money orders**, cash and credit cards*** accepted
up to August 31st.
No Personal checks accepted after August 31st.

*The deposit will go towards your team fees for the coming season.
If the player is NOT drafted, the deposit will be refunded.

**Checks & Money Orders payable to SCHSHL.
***Credit Card charges will include an additional $10.00 processing fee.

Where do I send my check/money-order deposit?

Deposits should be mailed to:
c/o The Rinx
660 Terry Rd
Hauppauge, NY  11788.
No Personal checks accepted after August 31st. There will be a walk-in registration payment the night prior to the draft at 6:00pm at which time all payment types except personal checks will be accepted.

I said I was paying by check but now want to pay by Credit Card
Click Here to add a Credit Card Payment to your original Draft Registration.

What if I miss registering for the draft?

Don’t, you may not be able to play in the upcoming season.

I entered the draft/pool last year, do I have to reenter?

No*, you can go back to the team that drafted you or the team you were  assigned to as long as you go back to your home school district for a  tryout first . If you do not tryout for your home school districts team you  will not be eligible to play for the upcoming season even if your local  school can not field a team at your level. If your local school has tryouts you must attend.
*If you are moving up to JV from Freshman, you must reenter the draft.

What happens if I enter the draft / pool and don’t play for the team I am selected by?

You will forfeit your deposit. You will not be able to play high school ice hockey for the coming season.

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