If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their position in the standings shall be determined by the following tie breaking rules listed below. If at any point during the application of the tie-breaking rules, a team can be seeded higher or lower than other teams that remain tied, the seeded team will be placed in its position in the standings, and the tie-breaker process will begin again with the remaining teams. If all of the tied teams have not played all the other teams involved in the tie an equal number of times, skip step 3.

The tie-breaker rules are as follows:

  1. Most Points in the division.
  2. Most wins in the division
  3. The results of the head-to-head games played between the tied teams:
    • Most points earned.
    • Most wins
    • Least Goals Against
  4. Least Goals Against in the division
  5. Coin Toss