The player should be evaluated as soon as possible for repeat ImPACT Neuropsychological testing. The parent should contact Dr. Salvatore Trazzera, the SCHSHL’s consulting physician and Director of our concussion  management and prevention program.

A  determination will be made by Dr. Trazzera as to the extent of injury and time line of instituting a return to play protocol at the post injury evaluation.

Dr. Trazzera will provide further information and guidance and welcomes parents/players to seek a second opinion regarding the player’s (traumatic brain injury) or concussion.  He has in the past and will continue to work with players, parents and their personal physicians to return the player to play in a safe and reasonable time frame.  Most   importantly, this protocol has been put into place by league leadership  to protect the best interests of the athlete and their future health.

Dr. Salvatore Trazzera
516-249-1020 office
631-834-9380 emergency